Morning Routines for Greater Productivity

Have you been feeling like you are playing catch up from the moment you wake up? If this is you, it might be because your morning routine needs improving. Here are our tips on how to start your day right to increase your productivity for the rest of the day so you can go about achieving those career goals! 

1. It start’s the night before

How you set up for success during the day all starts the night before. Your evening routine should make it easier for you to be productive the following day. Things you could do the night before are :

  • Read, unwind with some yoga or have a relaxing bath, this should all allow for a better nights sleep 
  • Set out your meals for the following day 
  • Confirming meetings and events and reply to emails, this should help you feel less anxious 

2. Wake up an hour earlier

Setting an alarm for an hour earlier will  give you an extra hour of uninterrupted work time. Robin Sharma a top leadership and personal development expert encourages people to wake up early because it allows you to have that extra time to sculpt your character and review your goals.


3. Make a daily to do list

Creating a daily list of realistic task to tackle everyday will help you get more done and build momentum to achieve your overall bigger goals.

4. Exercise in the morning

Exercising in the morning can help boost productivity throughout the day. When you exercise you increase blood flow to the brain, which can sharpen your awareness and make you ready to tackle your next big project. Exercise can also give you more energy.

5. Do not look at your email, texts or social media

Not looking to your mobile or laptop in the first 1-2 hrs of your day will help you refocus on your agenda for the day without allowing your mind to be destructed.

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– Wayne Dyer

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