Legal Technology. The sky is the limit- or is it?

Aimee Forde, Senior Consultant

I want to address a trend I have come across throughout many interactions with my network of legal technology experts – specifically, within eDiscovery and Forensics. 

There seems to be an abundance of upper management and leadership professionals who have nowhere to go, and it’s got me wondering, why?

As many reading this will know, Australia is still a relatively small circuit for firms offering the service and talent within the eDiscovery and Forensic space. We have fantastic legal technology teams across Australia who I am very fortunate to be connected to, but (and as I am sure they will agree) they are already quite top-heavy. The real need is at the mid-level – where there is a severe lack of candidates.

Legal Technology

The conversations I am having with these talented leaders / senior stakeholders is that they have reached the ceiling at their current employer, having been there for several years and are looking for a new challenge. Specifically, an opportunity they can get hands-on and build out a new legal technology team in either a start-up or established growing organisation.

As a recruiter, I would, of course, love to help these talented, genuinely lovely to deal with professionals and find them their new dream roles, but it’s an area I draw a blank in even with my vast knowledge of the market. However, I am always open to having discussions (hence writing this), and I am genuinely interested in how the market will grow and expand to open up these types of roles.

When does a role become business-critical where you will need to look at more senior candidates and assess the structure of your current organisation?

My conclusion is that there is currently a limit on development at the leadership level. We hear a lot of talk about growth coming from the junior levels, which I am fully on board with, of course. However, I still feel that there is an important conversation to be had around how leaders can grow and develop. Many are still in the prime of their career and have a lot to offer the industry.

I am passionate about the legal technology industry, and if everyone is looking to hire mid-level candidates, what happens to the entry-level and senior roles? Companies need candidates to hit the ground running however don’t have the time to train them accordingly. Senior people are keen to put their hands up and push through the boundaries for progression yet find it difficult because of the number of people in similar roles. This is similar across many industries, not just legal technology. Still, it is an excellent topic of discussion and, if appropriately addressed, will help companies with their overall talent strategy as the industry continues to evolve.

Legal Technology. The sky is the limit- or is it?

If you would like to discuss this topic further with me, I would welcome any conversations to share insights and see how we can help our talented leaders grow! 

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