How to Ace a Video Interview

Kevin Sinnott, Managing Director

Since the pandemic, more and more firms have turned to video interviews to aid the recruitment process and stay connected to new legal talent.

If you have reached the interview stage, first of all, congratulations! Now the hard work really begins. Read these top tips to ensure you give yourself the best chance of video interview success… 

Check your Equipment

Ensure you double check your audio, video and internet connection.  Test all of these things right before your interview (just because they worked yesterday doesn’t mean they will today!). Make sure all of these things are in good working order, you don’t want the embarrassment of technology issues while talking to a potential employer.

Cut out Distractions

This is your time to shine, you need the focus to be on you and what you are saying during your interview. Choose a background free of distraction – no pictures, close your blinds if you are near a window and clear the clutter if it is visible on camera.  Turn off your mobile phone, you don’t want it to throw you off during your time to shine.  Also remember that the microphone picks up all noise! Don’t shuffle papers or tap your pen. Make it easy for your interviewer to focus on you and you only.


Get your lighting right!  Think of it as if you are being filmed for TV. A light behind your computer and slightly above you will be the most flattering light to illuminate your face.

Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact is tough to do on video!  Ensure you position your camera at eye level, the last thing you want is the camera getting a good view up your nose or you looking down upon your interviewer.  Remember to speak directly to the camera and not your computer screen.

Dress to Impress

Dress as you would if you were meeting your potential employer in person.  It doesn’t matter if they are only going to see your top half, be prepared, get in the zone and dress to impress!

Above all else, relax – express your enthusiasm for the role using your body language and don’t forget to smile!  It’s vitally important to build a connection with your interviewer over video, just as it is in person.

Once you successfully land a new job, it’s your time to shine!  Make a great first impression with a few pointers from other legal professionals who have taken the same career  journey in our blog series below.

“Nothing builds self-confidence and self-esteem like accomplishment”

– Thomas Carlyle

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