5 Ways to help you achieve work-life balance!

(or something close to it)

Kevin Sinnott, Managing Director

Work-life balance seems mythical, few are able to properly achieve it. At the end of the day having complete balance could be unrealistic and nothing in life is perfect but these suggestions may help achieve something close to it!


1. Learn to Prioritise

Heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder”? Prioritising what is most important on your to do list is vitally important in trying to achieve better balance. Ensure you focus your energy on things that will deliver the most valuable outcome, don’t waste time cleaning out the kitchen cabinets if you should be completing a work project due next week.


2. Just say no

A lot us just can’t say no, whether it be to family, friends or work. Take a breath and ask yourself is this something I really want to give my time, attention and energy to or am I just feeling obliged? If it holds little value to you or if it doesn’t serve you, then just say no.


3. Unplug

Do it, unplug! When it is family or personal time then it’s time to put down the phone and back away the lap top. Technology today allows us to stay connected to work 24/7 and its so easy to have it intrude on your personal time. The quality of time spent with your family and friends will play a bigger role in improving your work-life balance not necessarily the amount of time, so put down your phone and be present.


4. Ask for flexibility

Flexible working hours, working from home or part-time hours have been shown to not only increase job satisfaction but help bridge the gap in balancing work and home life. Why not ask for a trial period to see whether the arrangement will work.


5. Delegate

Give yourself permission to delegate! Whether at work or at home you simply can’t do it all alone. If you can afford to, hire help for the home like a cleaner or someone to do your lawn maintenance – this will free up your non-work time for more enjoyable activities…the ones you want to do

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever”
– Mahatma Gandhi
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