5 Reasons Why You Won’t Achieve Your Goals

Anna Bezuglova, Marketing Coordinator

The title speaks for itself. When you’ve fallen into a disempowering mindset or routine – the goals you initially set for yourself will be that much harder to manifest into a reality. So be warned, any of the following traits will lead you to an unfulfilling year:

1. Lack Conviction

When you lack conviction about the goals you have set you are lukewarm about achieving them. People without conviction simply do the bare minimum instead of going all in with and doing what people who achieve all their goals do: doing more than is required.

Quick Fix: Get a mentor or a friend to help you be accountable and also begin to do things that are in line with who you are trying to become instead of how you may feel.

2. Not taking responsibility when the hard times hit

Life has its ebbs and flows and people who achieve their goals adapt and double down on their effort when the going gets tough. On the other hand people who won’t achieve their goals this year will simply quit or start blaming everything but their own inaction on why they have not achieved their goal.

Quick Fix: Realise that at the end of the day this is your life and you cannot delegate it to anyone else.

3. Lack of discipline

Anything great that has ever been achieved has taken a lot of constant discipline. People who will not achieve their goals this year will allow themselves to be distracted from their goals by TV or other events.

Quick Fix: Do the things you set out to do on your daily to do task no matter how you are feeling. This will train your brain to act in a way that helps you achieve long term goals.

4. Poor self esteem

People with poor self esteem lack respect for themselves. Having a poor self esteem causes people to be overly self critical and downplay their positive qualities and achievement hindering their productivity and slowing down their momentum.

Quick Fix: Reciting positive affirmations and starting a gratitude diary can help refocus your mind on all the possibilities and beauty already existing in your life.

5. Lack of persistence

The final reason you won’t achieve your goals this year is because you are not consistent. It is often said that the way to eat an elephant is to start with one spoonful. Many people try to achieve their goals in one week or even one month, when great lasting change takes time if you keep trying and tweaking until you see your desired goals.

Quick Fix: Do daily tasks that will help you get closer to your goal and appreciate all the small progress you are making.

Do you find yourself embodying any of these characteristics in life right now? If so – stop! You have the power to make 2019 the best year of your life by consciously reframing how you approach each and everyday.

We believe in you.

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