Tips For Onboarding Remotely During COVID-19

Erika Ruig, Head of Market Intelligence 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies across the world have transitioned to having their employees work from home.

 The foundations of onboarding should remain the same, but it’s now a matter of importance that your company can communicate effectively now that your workforce is not in the same office.

Follow these tips to ensure your new hire is set off to a flying start…

Send IT hardware, software and office supplies 

Create a list of all necessary items that will be essential for your new employee to be able to work productively and in sync with your existing team set-up.  Order computers and other hardware your remote worker will need well ahead of their start date. Confirm your employee has received all necessary equipment and ensure your IT department can assist them with setup if necessary.

Ensure new hires can use communication tools & online meeting solutions

Set out the best ways your new employee can contact others within the team and how to troubleshoot any issues they have with communication technology.  Provide ‘how to’ manuals with instructions on setting up company emails, video conferencing and team management software.

Arrange role specific training

This can be challenging as real-time communication is usually limited. Organise and schedule adequate time to complete virtual training and allocate these training sessions into their calendars. Using a video conferencing tool where you can share your screen and talk them through the steps you are taking is ideal and follow up with any written resources relevant to the training.

Help new employees understand your company culture

Starting their career with your company remotely will be a challenge in itself, you need to ensure your new employees feel like they are a part of the culture, even while not in the office. Provide them with a staff handbook, have a conversation about the company values and expectations, clearly define what is expected of them and provide them with a copy of their job description. Ensure you facilitate video introductions with other team members to welcome your new employee, consider Friday afternoon drinks over Zoom for a more informal introduction to the team.

Arrange regular check-ins

To begin with schedule daily check-ins and encourage your new employee to raise any questions or concerns. Use Zoom to allow more personal communication.

“Accept the challenges so you can feel the exhilaration of victory

– George S. Patton

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