NewLaw – What’s New? 


Aimee Forde, Senior Consultant

NewLaw is a relatively new style of law that has developed in recent years from technically minded and innovative people wanting to break the mould and make law more “humanised.’’ The term was first coined in 2013 by consultant Eric Chin who defined NewLaw as:

 “Any model, process, or tool that represents a significantly different approach to the creation or provision of legal services than what the legal profession traditionally has employed.” (Source: ALPMA)

NewLaw – What’s New?

While legal teams have always faced pressure to streamline processes and have made significant developments in the last 5 years, COVID-19 has forced many more firms to innovate and adopt technology solutions much earlier than expected. 

This, in turn, has led to an explosion in interest in the area of NewLaw. Fortunately, it is one for lawyers at any stage in their career, so don’t be thinking its too late to get involved.

If you’re set on being a lawyer but want a more flexible lifestyle and genuinely want to make a difference to your clients, then this is an area to be looking into. NewLaw is a platform where you can break the boundaries and get creative, with everything from digitalization to Artificial Intelligence being used and considered for multiple processes.

NewLaw firms are generally more boutique style with flexible working cultures. Every staff member is encouraged to have a voice, share their expertise and of course, embrace new technologies. If you would like to find out more on how a NewLaw firm is structured, head over to my podcast and listen to Mel at Hive Legal and Alex and Sprint Law give a better insight.


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