How to Manage Your Time More Efficiently: 6 Top Tips

Kevin Sinnott, Managing Director

Good time management is integral to career success and a positive work/ life balance. You may not notice, but we all have our own time management habits that we become accustomed to. The question is, could you be utilising your time more efficiently? 


Whilst it is important to find a schedule that works for you, most people fail to execute a personalised strategy according to Forbes, and this can lead to stress and loss of focus – something we all want to avoid. But don’t worry we are here to help! 

Time is a valuable resource, so ensure your utilising it with these top tips…

1) Devise a Morning Ritual 

Before checking your emails or making a phone call, prioritise tasks for the day ahead and set a goal you want to achieve by the end of the week. Time management masters, Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss speak highly of having a 30-minute daily morning ritual to help plan daily responsibilities, say focused and achieve long-term goals.

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2) Stop Multitasking and Try Monotasking

According to The Medium, ‘what we consider multitasking is actually our brain jumping in between different tasks.’ This can be extremely exhausting and lead to less productivity.’ So instead, keep your focus on one single objective at a time, this way you are more likely to achieve the best outcome from each individual task and are less likely to make mistakes.

3) Create a Distraction-Free Environment

After checking and responding to your emails, give yourself some time to complete your ‘to-do list.’ Turn off your email, mute social media notifications and create the best environment for you to produce your best work.

Check your emails in three blocks throughout the day, morning, afternoon and evening, this will help you to plan and prioritize tasks without being constantly distracted. Chet Holmes, the author of ‘The Ultimate Sales Machine’, suggests that if you open an email, you must respond, it will make you feel less anxious, closes loops and helps you to manage your time better.  

4) Monitor Time Spent on Individual Tasks

Try logging your time for different activities you regularly undertake; this will help you to strategically plan your daily tasks and set deadlines and goals. Efficient people will set a time limited for each task, even a phone call.

5) Let Others Know Your Plan

If you don’t have time to perform a certain task that has popped up in your email, let others know and don’t be afraid to delegate to those able to perform the task better. This will help to keep stress and anxiety at bay and provide the opportunity for other people in your team to step in and reduce your workload. Stick to your daily priorities, set reminders for future tasks and remember your goals.

6) Schedule Free Time

We all need time to take to ourselves and indulge in hobbies and family time. Schedule at least two hours a day of downtime and prioritise tasks that will help you to take your mind off work. This could be anything from going for a run, going out for dinner with friends, reading or going to a concert. Switch off your phone and be in the moment. Having time out ultimately helps you to focus better when you are at work.

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Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” – Jim Rohn

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