Legal Life in the Tropics: Why You Should Be Thinking of Making the Move Offshore
Adam Rodda, Candidate Manager London

Tired of the hustle and bustle of city life? Do you dream of finishing your day at a reasonable time to go and meet your friends at the beach for a sun-drenched evening BBQ without sacrificing work quality? If so, It may just be time to start planning the move you have subconsciously been wanting all along.

We have seen a noticeable upturn in the number of lawyers expressing an intention to relocate into the offshore space, and for good reason. One of the prevailing reasons for this is that more and more lawyers are simply becoming aware of the wider career benefits such a move can afford. The inherent thought that will no doubt be on the readers mind is what calibre of lawyer we are talking about. The offshore route does not have a ceiling as to the quality of lawyers it attracts; There is a consistent stream of talent from top-tier US and UK law firms turning their attention to the offshore centres.

For the majority of lawyers interested in making the move offshore, the common denominator for most is the desire for a change of pace from the hustle and bustle of the City. It is the worst kept secret that all offshore jurisdictions offer a shorter working day. With this being said, the billable hours are largely maintained at a similar level to London but offset that with shorter commutes ranging from a stroll along a golden beach to a short 15-minute drive, the lifestyle difference is clear to see.

It is a common misconception held by many that the work undertaken by offshore firms is of a lesser quality than that which is undertaken in the City. The work quality is by no means diluted; the difference lies in the extent of involvement. For example, a large cross-border transaction which has an offshore aspect to it will be dealt with by the offshore lawyers so generally you will not be witnessing the transaction from when the first instruction was communicated. As a result of this, an offshore lawyer will be expected to work on a broader variety of smaller matters which makes it an advantage to have a broad range of experience within your practice area or indeed wish to develop such.

In terms of lifestyle outside of work, there is a thriving outdoors culture, particularly the Caribbean locations such as the BVI, Cayman Islands and Bermuda where you will find idyllic beaches, alfresco restaurants and golf courses abound to spend your newly found time out of the office. Combine this with water sports, diving and sailing activities and you can be sure of enough variety to keep the whole family happy.

Ultimately, working offshore genuinely has the full package. Lawyers enjoy a much-improved quality of life whilst maintaining their involvement on the highest quality of work. With Winter season in the northern hemisphere comfortably underway, guaranteed 30 degrees sunshine makes it an excellent time to start assessing your offshore options. 

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