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Once you’ve made a positive first impression with your CV and secured the interview, the real preparation and work begins. Think of the interview as elaborating on your professional story that you began with your CV, it’s an opportunity to really showcase who you are and what matters most to you.

1. Preparation, preparation, preparation!

Lawyers who prepare for interviews are more likely to be hired than those that don’t. There  are 3 ways you should prepare:

  • Research the role you applied for by reading through the job description and your cover letter and resume. Know your career narrative inside out. About 10-20% of the interview will focus on confirming your resume.
  • Research the company, particularly what cases they working on at the moment, what cases have they worked on in the past and what are their core values
  • Ask as many questions to your consultant as possible. At Sonder Consultants, we have an intimate understanding of the interview process and are here to support you in every possible way. In fact, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond to ensure our candidates go into an interview feeling as prepared, informed and confident as possible. We will provide questions to anticipate based on our experience working alongside that firm or organisation, and provide strategic advise based on our knowledge of your career ambitions

2. Role Play

Practice makes perfect. We have found that role play really helps build confidence and ensures a strong technique on the day. Some top candidates have said they practice their interview skills by dressing up in the clothes they plan to wear on the day and have a good friend ask them some of the more difficult interview questions.

3. Be Enthusiastic

Showing enthusiasm during the interview, includes more than just indicating your desire to work for a particular employer. During the interview there will likely be a cat-and-mouse moment after you meet when you and your interviewer will attempt to size each other up. This moment will allow you to read your interviewer and understand how to show enthusiasm in a way that is confident and not ‘put on’.

Be confident in your ability – you are in that interview room for a reason. The company has seen your CV and has been impressed. The interview is as much about the company selling the role to you as much as it is about you proving that you will fit within their team. Asking as many relevant questions as possible shows genuine enthusiasm for the position.

4. Body Language

Being interviewed by more than one person can be quite daunting. As mentioned above, it is vital that you engage with each interviewer – even the ones not asking the questions. Show interest in what the interviewer is saying through eye contact or the appropriate body language. For a lot of roles, basic people skills and the ability to interact with different personalities are vital.

5. Listen to understand not just to reply

Last but not least, one of the most important tips for an interview is to listen to understand not just to reply. A lot of candidates are sometimes so passionate about the position and have a desire to impress, they think of an answer before actually understanding the question which the interviewer has asked. Take your time and digest the question before giving your response.

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“You can’t have a million dollar dream on a minimum wage work ethic.”
– Unknown
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