How to Make Time for the Gym Despite Your Busy Schedule

Anna Bezuglova, Marketing Coordinator

“I’m too busy”

“The gym can wait – I need to work.”

We’ve all heard these excuses, and many of us would be guilty of using them every now and again.

Against our better judgement, we often skip gym as a justification to spend more time at work. Yet we all know the benefits of making time to move your body, and these benefits may be even more important when our schedules become increasingly demanding.

Even 20 mins of physical activity can drastically improve your mood, mindset and overall well-being (and that’s a win for you, your colleagues and partner). Particularly when things are starting to pile on, being uncompromising about your physical routines can give you the energetic boost to improve concentration, enhance creativity and put you in a state where problems seem more manageable.

1. Schedule your workout

“The key is not to prioritise what’s in your schedule, but to schedule your priorities” – Stephen Covey

If we relate to exercise as we relate to our important business meetings, it’ll become ingrained in our day without excuse. Without a schedule, we leave it up for negotiation whether or not it’ll happen… but if we make it a regular part of the day (preferably at the same time each day) you’ll decrease the odds that you’ll skip out on a commitment you made to yourself.

2. Sleep smarter

Often spoken about but equally as often overlooked – sleep is a foundational part of ensuring you’re able to function at your peak performance as a busy lawyer.

If you’re not getting your necessary amount of sleep each night, heading to the gym is going to be the last thing you’d want to spend your time on. Equally, when you’re well rested and consistently sticking to a physical workout routine, you’ll soon start to appreciate how much more energised you feel throughout the day, and likewise, your colleagues may notice a shift.

Numerous studies have shown that healthy sleep habits plays a positive role in reducing stress, improving memory and bettering our mood, but like the exercise piece, we often substitute sleep for sending late night emails or scrolling through social media.

What you do in the hour before bed is one of the biggest barriers to attaining quality, consistent sleep. intelligent sleeping starts with self-discipline. Create sleep rituals to “automate” this important habit.

3. Make fitness part of the culture

When things feel overwhelming on your own, make it a team effort by getting others in the office involved! You could start a running club, commit to going to the local gym together or make it a team challenge to get in a set amount of push ups in each day!

It’s no secret that support, accountability and enjoyment increase the likelihood you’ll stick to your goals. However, the biggest predictor of success often lies in the quality of your environment – so get your environment in on your goals and you’ll feel a new level of commitment to achieving them!

4. Get walking at lunch

If things get really chaotic and you don’t have the bandwidth to get sweaty, bring your joggers and go for a walk at lunch. Being in the fresh air may be enough to stimulate your creative thinking and give you the productive break from the office you need to re-centre yourself.

Are there any pointers that we’ve missed that help you with maintaining your gym routine despite your busy routine? Let us know!

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