5 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Lawyers

Aimee Forde, Senior Consultant

This year, approximately 85% of our interactions will not include a human being. The use of technology is more critical than ever and lucky for us, it has come a long way.

With the right set up, your phone can be your very own personal assistant and ultimately help you improve and streamline the services you offer to your client.

To help you navigate the thousands of apps available on the market, I have pinpointed five, highly-recommended platforms that I believe every lawyer should have at their fingertips…


Evernote has long been a favourite in the legal industry thanks to its simplicity and ability to capture notes and recordings in many formats. Besides taking, saving, and organising written notes, the app also integrates with your smartphone camera. You can capture an image from almost any surface (receipt, whiteboard, paper), rotate it, crop it, adjust it to the dimensions required, and easily share it from your device.


Thanks to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, we can research and consume so much useful content in our daily lives. Particularly for research marketing, lawyers need access to real-time updates to aid information sharing within their firm. Feedly, helps you filter out what’s not essential and create a hub of useful knowledge to browse at your convenience. 

With Feedly, you can even streamline your content monitoring and social media sharing, so you’ll never miss a case or trending topic. Organise your content into streams, collect articles from professional sources, and share them easily across social media and separate accounts.


Slack is an online collaboration tool that exploded in 2020. The platform lets you communicate with colleagues, quickly and easily from anywhere and on any device. With Slack, you can, chat via text or video, with your entire team or individuals, share documents, use different channels to organise information, encourage creativity and streamline processes.


After a tough day at work or amid a stressful situation the Calm app, promises to help users, boost confidence, reduce stress, anxiety and sleep better. This is acheieved through guided meditations, soothing music, and bedtime stories.

After you download Calm and sign up (or login via Facebook), opening the app for the first time will prompt you to choose the top goals you want to accomplish via meditation. You can then try it for free for one week, trust me, you won’t look back! 


Clio is the gold standard of legal apps. The technology offers time tracking, billing, file management, and more. It integrates seamlessly with Outlook, Dropbox, and a full suite of other tools. Access all of your cases—anywhere, any time—with Clio’s mobile app and unlimited cloud storage.  

Get started today with these apps, streamline your processes and organise your thoughts for a more productive week ahead. 

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